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5 tips to creating a beautiful gallery wall using prints

Updated: Mar 24, 2020

A gallery wall can bring personality, fun and nostalgia to your home. They are a really clever way to inject colour, texture and interest to otherwise plain rooms. However it can be quite a daunting task deciding how to go about it. Pinterest and Social are flooded with ideas, but how do you make yours unique? Where is the perfect spot, which artwork should you use?

I have been working with Posterlounge to create my own print gallery wall in my lounge and here are my 5 tips to creating a beautiful gallery wall of your own.

Using a theme in your gallery wall

When you start planning your gallery wall a good place to begin is by considering if you would like to use a theme that links your prints together and gives your gallery wall more of a flow. Deciding on a theme such as 'nature' or 'abstract' will also help you to narrow down the prints you are searching for. Posterlounge have thousands of different prints to choose from, the choice is amazing so having a theme focus really helps when decided on the right ones for your home and you can use the search facility to narrow down the choice.

Deciding on a colour or colour palette for your gallery wall will also help you to create a collection of prints that really work together. Whether you like bright and bold.

Or prefer a monochrome gallery wall like the one I created.

You can again use the search categories on Posterlounge to find prints that fit your requirement.

Using Pattern and texture in your gallery wall

One of the most fun elements of creating your own beautiful gallery wall is the amount of texture and pattern you have at your disposal. Even if using a muted colour scheme you can vary your prints to create an electric mix of styles. Mixing quotes that mean something to you along with contemporary images and classic art allow you to create a statement in your home.

Posterlounge have a huge array of styles and genres for you to choose from. They also allow you to choose from a variety of materials for your prints to be produced on such as premium posters, canvas prints, acrylic prints, foam board prints, wood prints, gallery prints, aluminium prints and even wall stickers. You can decide to stick to one material or mix them to create depth and extra texture in your gallery wall. The great thing is Posterlounge also provide frames in a variety of colours so there is no need to shop elsewhere.

Vary the sizes in your gallery wall

You can of course stick to the same sized prints in your gallery wall and if you prefer a more ordered and symmetrical look and feel then go for it. As long as you ensure you hang your prints perfectly in line then it will look really effective.

The alternative is to vary the sizes of your prints, this allows you to emphasise some prints over others, and inject a bit more personality and individuality to your gallery wall. Posterlounge prints come in a variety of sizes making this task a lot to achieve.

Play with your gallery wall arrangement

Now comes the fun part, the arranging. It's important to take your time now so that you get it right when you come to actually hang your prints. No one wants a load of nails all over their walls when you decide they don't look right!

There are a number of ways to plan out an arrangement that works for your space. Click here are a few examples I found on Pinterest.

When planning my gallery wall I decided to use a word document first. By copying and pasting the prints I wanted from Posterlounge onto the document I could resize and move them around creating a example gallery wall that I loved.

I then ordered the prints from Posterlounge with confidence that I had a template ready for arranging them when they arrived. Poster Lounge ship worldwide, delivery was really quick and the prints arrived well packagedd and in perfect condition.

How to hang the perfect gallery wall?

So you know the arrangement you want it's now time to hang the prints, possibly the part that fills most people with dread. My tips are to use a tape measure, measure from the ceiling down to where you would like the first print to go, get that print hung and then you can arrange the rest of the prints around that a lot easier.

If you have decided on a symmetrical block of prints in perfect alignment you need to start with measuring a centre point then work from that point outwards, ensuring equal distance between each print.

And there you have it my top tips for creating a beautiful gallery wall using prints. I really hope you found it useful and do let me know if you decide to have a go yourself, I would love to see it.

Take care

Helen x

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