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Style it new - DIY Christmas cardboard decorations

It's 10 days until Christmas as so I thought this month's edition of my 'Style it new' blog series should be festive themed. This month I am showing you how you can take a simple cardboard box and 'style it new' into a really lovely Christmas decoration for your home. These DIY cardboard Christmas decorations are really simple and easy to make, environmentally friendly and fun for the whole family to get involved with.

Equipment needed to make you Cardboard Christmas decorations

* left over cardboard

* white paint or chalk pen

* scissors or Stanley knife

* twine or rope

* cello tape

* Conifer cuttings

* Star to draw around

* Pencil


* Using your star shape as a template, draw around it onto your card twice, then cut out.

* Draw 2 simple house shapes and also cut them out.

* Use your white pen to draw simple but striking designs. There are plenty of examples on pinterest. But think symmetry, stars, foilage, zigzags ect.

* Once all your shapes are decorated lay them upside down, spaced out on the floor how you would like them on the bunting.

* Trail your twine or rope along them and secure with celo tape.

* In between each shape hand a small sprig of confer, secured with twine.

And there you have it, a beautiful handmade Cardboard Christmas bunting.

If you have some left over cardboard, why not create some of these handmade gingerbread house cardboard present tags, they make a lovely personal touch to your gifts.

Hope you are inspired to style something new in your home.

Have a lovely Christmas



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