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Easy DIY pallet bar

outdoor bar made from pallets
DIY pallet garden bar

I recently created an easy DIY bar from old pallets as a surprise for my husband's 40th birthday. Being in lockdown meant instead of being able to get to the pub, I brought the pub to him. There are lots of pallet ideas out there but if you are looking to create an easy DIY outdoor bar then look no further. Here is my step by step guide to making your own DIY pallet bar.

What you will need

* 2 pallets, preferably the same size

* wood screws

* hand saw or electric saw

* sand paper or sander

* claw hammer

* cordless electric drill

* wood paint

* tiles or wood

* adhesive such as silicone or gorilla glue

I used two pallets to create the outdoor pallet bar, mine were different sizes and one was a bit bedraggled to say the least. If you can get two the same size it will mean you can create a bar which is the same height at the front and the sides. The different sized pallets I had meant the sides were lower than the front. However it still worked out really well.

The hardest job was sawing the smallest pallet in half, which I had to do by hand. Obviously an electric saw would make the job so much easier if you have one.

This is also the point when any sanding or repairing of the pallets would be needed, so make sure the hammer and sander are at hand.

The next step in building your DIY pallet bar is to construct the frame. Get the front and sides into position.

You then need to drill and screw the side pallets to the front. I did this by pre-drilling the holes first(slightly smaller than the screw) then attaching and securing the screws, at the top, middle and bottom of the pallet.

For the top of my outdoor pallet bar I used some left over tiles we had in the garage from when we renovated our bathroom. You can pick up tile samples from any DIY store or use wood. We were lucky in that the tiles fitted perfectly and didn't need cutting to size. I secured it using gorrilla glue or you could use some strong adheasive silicone.

It's now time to paint your DIY garden bar, in lockdown it was quite difficult to get hold of paint so I used Ronseal's decking paint in Charcoal. It actually covered really well and I was pleasantly pleased with the result.

The finishing touche to the pallet bar were the handmade wire sign which I made myself. It does help that I run my own business Words on the wire. You could easily paint your own sign or order one from a fab small business?

The hardest part is picking a name!!

I hope this has inspired you to have a go at creating your own DIY outdoor pallet bar, I would love to see your creations if you do. Feel free to send me your pics or tag me on Instagram or Facebook.

Take care

Helen xx

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