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Family Organisation station

How to create a family organisation board to ensure you keep sane with all the comings and goings of family life

Family organisation centre
Family organisation centre

I have decided that 2020 will be the year I finally get my game together with regards to organisation! It's so hard juggling family life, work, housework, food, after school activities, money, social life, events and everything in between. And lets face it life can be pretty stressful trying to juggle it all at times.

I am determined to make things as easy as possible for myself by creating systems that make everything just that little bit easier to manage.

So let me introduce you to my Family Organisation station (catchy name hey!)

I literally can't live with out it already! I put it on a wall in our family room so its central to everyone, but it needed to look stylish as well as practical if it was going to work in my home!

Here's how I did it and where everything is from

I started with a large blackboard I got from Ebay, its perfect to use as a weekly menu and has a handy shelf that can be accessories and hooks to hang things from. (note I painted over the things to do wording with blackboard paint)

The letter rack was a simple Ikea spice rack, which I painted black and the hanging pen pot was also from Ikea. It will ensure we are never rushing around searching for a pen again.

The small weekly planner was a gift and is from The Range

The large personalised year planner is fab and allows us to see at a glance what is going on throughout the whole year! It was kindly gifted from The Graphics gallery, pop them a message to order.

The frame I used to put the calendar in was from also The Range.

To create your own Family Organisation station, as well as the above products (or similar) you will need.

* A hammer

* Screwdriver

* Spirit level

* Screws

* pencil

I hope you have been inspired to get organised in your home. If you decide to have a go yourself, please send me a pic on Instagram @homely_rose I would love to see it!

Thanks for reading

Helen x

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