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Making Easter special in coronavirus times

Updated: Apr 6, 2020

Children doing easter craft

So it's the Easter holidays and normally you'd be filling your days with lovely trips out to national parks, Easter activities and visiting your nearest and dearest. But this year is very different, indeed and its hard to think of ways to make this Easter special whilst in coronavirus lockdown. Some of your schools may have eased off the 'homeschool' routine and it's natural to feel even more isolated than you already do.

Fear not lovelies I have put together my top tips to cope and ideas to keep yourself and the children entertained this Easter.

Top 3 tips for coping this Easter during Coronavirus lockdown.

  1. Don't lose the structure

While it may be the Easter holiday and normally you'd stay in your PJ's until midday and 'go with the flow' these aren't 'normal times' and if you get rid of all the structure things could easily slide into chaos, especially when we are only allowed one designated venture outside for exercise. So instead, loosely plan your days, make a simple timetable of activities you would like to do and get the kids involved. I find breaking up the day into manageable chunks helps alleviate boredom and stops the day from dragging.

2. Keep traditions alive, or adapt and make new one.

Maybe you always go to Grandma's for Easter, have an annual Easter party with friends or you take part in an Easter egg hunt at your local national trust park. These obviously are not possible given the current situation, however lockdown needn't mean you do without, with a bit of clever thinking you can still create a similar experience from home.

Skype call Grandma or use zoom to 'eat together' via the wonders of the internet.

Zoom is a great way to get all your friends together for an Easter party. Set challenges or games before hand you can all do in your own homes.

Create your own Easter egg hunt at home. Be creative and make new memories.

3. Park the negativity

Easter may be a bit different this year but getting down about it won't change the situation and will rub off on your nearest and dearest and before you know it doom and gloom will descend on the whole household. Start each day with a plan and a positive attitude. If you feel the negativity coming on, don't beat yourself up about it, these are challenging times, take yourself off to your bedroom or somewhere you can have a few minutes peace, take a few deep breaths and get your head back in the zone.

Ideas for fun activities you can do over the Easter holidays

Here is a list I came up with my children of things we would like to do over the Easter holidays, I doubt we will get through them all but it's a great place to start planning. If you can think of more, please share in the comments below.

  • wreath making

  • Jigsaw challenge

  • Egg weaving

  • Easter egg hunt

  • Scavenger hunt

  • Nature bingo

  • Party at home

  • Paint eggs

  • Paint flower pots

  • Easter bonet parade

  • Teddy/Easter bunny picnic - idea from @lauraslittlehome

  • Baking, bunny cookies, nest cakes.

  • Animal leaf pictures

  • Create an Easter window display

  • Start a neighbourhood scarecrow or bunny display

  • Sleep over at home

  • Create a habitat box

  • Make Easter cards and pictures

  • Easter bunny assault course

  • Pin the tail on the bunny

  • Easter decorations

I really hope these ideas have given you some inspiration and made the idea of spending the Easter holiday in isolation a little less daunting. Enjoy spending time with your loved ones, remember this is actually a great opportunity to make lasting memories in this difficult time.

Stay safe, lots of love

H xx

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