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My top tips on how to choose the perfect carpet

A new carpet is an investment, its often a pretty expensive purchase, but with so many varieties out there, how do you decide which is the perfect carpet for you?

Having recently made the choice myself I have compiled some helpful tips that should hopefully help you to narrow that large choice down.


Unless you are confident with your tape measure or the room you are fitting is really straight forward, I would recommend getting them measured professionally. We got our carpets through Carpet Right and they have a free measuring service, its particularly handy if you are carpeting a tricky space like stairs or a landing.


Armed with your measurements you can then decide what price range is in your budget. Don't forget about underlay and fitting including grippers and fresh hold bars.

First of all decide what you can afford, there is a carpet for everyone's budget at Carpet right but there is no point lusting after the 'mega expensive deluxe thick pile carpet of dreams' if you really cant afford it.

Where is the carpet going?

It's important to think about what the room you are going to be fitting is used for? Is it a room you use everyday? does it have a lot of footfall like a hall way which requires a hard wearing carpet?

Carpet right makes it so much easier to choose by splitting their carpets into groups, helping you to decide based on style and function.

They have the 'Smooth and Durable' range which is the range we opted for, it's perfect for families as it has a dense twist pile, great for stairs and hallways or landings.

Then there is the 'Deep and Luxurious' which is range often super soft and deep piled for a 'luxe' feel perfect for a bedroom or dining room.

They also have the 'Textured and Rugged' selection which adds classic style with durability but maybe not so great if you have pets! and finally the 'Patterns and Stripes' range for something with a bit more character.

Other tips and things to consider.....

Use lighter block colors such as a grey or light beige to make smaller spaces look bigger. Spripes can also elongate a room.

Don't use textured carpets if you have pets as they can pull it easily with their claws.

Don't scrimp on the underlay, this can make a big difference to the quality of the carpets finish and feel.

Keep an eye out for sales and special offers such as free fitting, have patience and you could get a great deal, and if you are carpeting a few rooms don't be afraid to ask for a discount, you never know and there is no harm in asking.

Before throwing away left over offcuts, after your carpet has been fitted,c heck if you could use them else where in your home? possibly a hall runner or door mat? It's really reasonable to get these bound around the edges, Carpet right also offer that service, which is very handy to know!

A runner made from left over carpet can help your house flow

Carpet Right currently have a great sale on, and an additional 10% off selected carpets until the 5th of February. Check out their range here.

I hope you find these tips helpful,

thanks for reading

Helen xx

This blog is a collaboration with Carpet Right. AD - Gifted products

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