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Planning your half term activities

Has this half term has crept up on you? Don't worry you are not alone, I mean wasn't it just Easter?!

Anyway lets not panic, it's only a week and I have decided to help you all out with my list of fun filled activities that you can do with your children over the holidays regardless of the weather or your budget.

Indoor activities

Free - £

Crafty days - get those paints, paper, glue play doh out!. Cover the floor or dining table with an old sheet or table cloth or even newspaper and let them explore. There are so many ideas on Pinterest or head to Hobbycraft or The Range for some inspiration.

Games - when was the last time you got the scrabble or Pictionary game out? My children love it when I sit with them and play games, and I have to admit I do to. Takes me right back to my youth. Let each child choose their favorite game and play them in turn, or why not get creative and design a new game? Make sure there are snacks a plenty on hand.

Baking - What better way to spend a rainy afternoon than baking with the kids, think simple fairy cakes, shortbread or gingerbread men. So much fun and a yummy reward at the end. Or if the kids are a bit older hold your own mini bake off!

Movie day - grab all the cushions and snuggly blankets, get the popcorn and forget about the world for a while. A movie day is perfect for those days when the little ones are a bit tired or the weather has halted your plans.

Library - its free, its educational and kids love to spend time sharing a book or two with you. Your local library may even has some free events on!

Local theatre events - often if you are lucky enough to have a local theatre, they put on very reasonably priced activities over the holidays, so be sure to check them out!


Soft play - kids love it, parents often dread it, but sometimes its just got to be done. Check out lunch/play deals where you can feed the monkeys as well.

Craft café - The kids and yourselves can enjoy a cuppa and paint a bit of pottery or glass. lots of fun for everyone.

Swimming - always a go to activity, check out your local pool for other events like 'pool parties' etc.


Indoor climbing centre - a great idea for those kids who love to be adventurous, there is now a climbing centre in most towns and they are reasonably priced.

Cinema - I've put this in the expensive section because the cinema can be quite pricey especially if there are a few of you or you buy your snacks as well. But often you can get community cinemas popping up and if you make your own treat bags to take, you can cut the expense down quite a lot.

Ice-skating or indoor skiing - try something new with the kids or book them onto a course and relax while you watch them have fun.

Outdoor Activities

free - £

Parks and forests - every half term we always make sure we visit our local nature park. Its completely free and the children love exploring different parts each time we go. Pack a picnic and take a towel so if there's a stream the kids can take off there shoes for a paddle.

Beach - if you live close to a beach, how lucky are you?! even if the weather isn't brilliant, wrap up warm and go for a wander along the beach, build a sand castle and enjoy the fresh sea air. Good

for the soul and guaranteed good nights sleep after!

Garden Party - get outside, plan garden activities or get some friends round for a little picnic party, game of rounders or paddling pool fun if the weather is good!

Bike, scooter or go for a walk - get active and explore your local area. Take drinks and snacks to avoid moans and just go for it! or have a go at Geocahing by downloading the app.


National trust - if you are a member then this will be free!! (well on the day) but if not National trust places are pretty reasonable on the whole and offer so much in the half term. check out their website to find your local NT areas here

Train ride - if you don't ride the train very often then its a fun activity on its own! take a short journey to a neighbouring town to visit a museum or park.

Visit local attractions - ice cream farms, maize maze, adventure plagrounds , visit a castle.


Zoo, safari park or Farm Park - can be a bit pricey but a special treat

Theme parks - A full day of fun for the whole family and you can collect vouchers to cut down the cost.

I Hope that's given you some ideas, have the best half term making memories with your little ones, don't forget to take plenty of pics and maybe make a scrapbook to save those memories forever!

Thanks for reading

H xx

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