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Shelf styling tips

Shelf styling tips
picture ledge styling

This month's style it new blog post is focusing on shelf styling. Everywhere you look on social media particularly Instagram there is a 'shelfie' in fact the interior world is obsessed with shelf styling so much so there are gazillions of hashtags dedicated to just that.

Shelves are an easy way to create a focal point in any room, add personal touches,style and obviously practicality. Read on to find out how you can shop your home to restyle your shelves and give them a whole new look without spending a penny.

I will also be giving you my top 5 shelf styling tips to help you create a stylish display.

The shelf in focus for today's 'style it new' experiment is my picture ledge above my sofa. I always get lots of messages about this shelf so I will preempt them now and tell you. Its actually 3 photo ledges from Ikea, hung carefuly in a line and also painted with Rustoleum graphite.

Currently I have a bit of a boho, mixed up relaxed vibe on the ledge so I thought I would try out a few different themes and see which I liked the best.

Neutral living room with boho vibe

Style 1 - Pure white shelf styling

Sometimes simple is best so to start with I decided to strip out all the color and play with an all white theme. I went on a little treasure hunt from around the house collecting anything and everything white. The result - super stylish shelf styling.

shelf styling
White shelf styling

Style 2 - monochrome

I love anything monochrome so the next style I decided on was a simple black and white monochrome theme, I switched up the frames and went gathering black and white accessories from around the house. I also switched the cushions with some fluffy white ones I normally have upstairs. I really like the look I achieved.

Here's a little video of my shelf styling in action!

shelf styling tips
Monochrome shelf styling

Style 3 - Adding plants to a shelf scheme

I am definitely a lover of plants in a home, I have a mixture of faux and real and most of the time guests can't tell which is which.

They are also a great way of adding interest and texture to shelves. So it was a no brainier that my next scheme would incorporate plants. Again a quick forage around my home provided all I needed, then the fun part of shelf styling can begin.

Using plants to style shelves
Using plants to style shelves

I also changed up my cushions to these green velvet ones to make the natural scheme more coherent.

So there you have it, 3 different ways to style shelves using items from around my home. Lots of fun and no money spent. There are literally no limits to the themes and different approaches you can use to style shelves. Color themes, design themes even star themed as you can see from my last experiment! Can you believe how many stars I found in my home (should I be worried?)

shelf styling
Star themed shelf

Let me know which is your favorite design in the comments below.

Why not have a go in your home, I would love to see the different ways you can style your shelves just by shopping your home.

My top 7 shelf styling tips

Before you skip off to get restyling your shelves I will leave you with my top 7 tips for styling your shelves.

  1. Choose a color scheme - If in doubt a neutral will work, but go with a color scheme that works with the rest of your home. You can add pops of an accent color or pattern to neutral schemes to add interest.

  2. Add interest - try to gather interesting or unusual pieces to add variety and intrigue to your shelves. Think of architectural pieces like fossils, hands, statues and quirky vases.

  3. Texture - texture can be created by added baskets on their sides or even place-mats with unusual designs. Think of ways to add texture and depth when styling you shelves.

  4. Plant - plants and a great way to break up objects on shelves and create a calming scene. Trailing plants are particularly effective to include whenever you are styling shelves.

  5. Vary height - it's really important to mix up the heights of object you use on your shelves. It allows the eyes to drip up and down and across the scene and can add focal points to draw the eye in.

  6. Group and or layer items - overlapping frames or varying sizes or small groups of 3 items together is also a great way or focusing the eye on the little details of your shelf.

  7. Include sentimental and personal items - your home needs to reflect you and your personality. Shelves are the perfect way to gather the items that mean a lot to you.

For more ideas on how to shop your home check out the other blog posts in my style it new blog series.




Hope this gave you some inspiration, don't forget to let me know which style was your favorite in the comments below.

thanks for reading

Helen xx

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