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Style It New! Shop your home My Kitchen re-style

Updated: Aug 27, 2019

When it comes to your home, don't be fooled into thinking you have to spend a fortune to change the look and feel of a room. I will be writing a series of blog posts showing you how you can achieve a fresh new look without spending a penny! There will be guest bloggers also sharing their experiences and ideas.

The trend is call 'Shop your home' and its a breath of fresh air in this materialistic world we live in, supporting a more eco friendly, ecomomic ideal of interiors through upcyling, recycling and reusing materials and accessories you already possess in your home and using them in a completely different way to create a new look. And let me tell you it's so much fun and very satisfying!

I have decided to kick off this series with a Kitchen restyle, my kitchen to be exact. I chose this room because ideally I would love to rip it out and start again but alas its only 4 years old and in pretty good nic so I cant justify the money.

Instead I am going to try and improve what I already have. I have a few DIY projects planned for this room but lets start by 'shopping my home'.


As I have mentioned there is a lot about I would change about this room like the worktops ,I would like to add tiling and update the breakfast bar and stools. However I don't have a magic money tree. So here's what the kitchen looked like at the beginning of the day.

I started by removing all the accessories and appliances to create a blank canvas. Then using what I had plus a few items I had put away or were elsewhere in the house I created a whole new look. I played around, moving things here and there until I was happy with the finished look. Here's the results.....


Before After

Before After

Nothing ground breaking but definitely a different look and feel for the room. 0 £££'s spent and a happy lady - moi!.

Here's my top tips for restyling your kitchen

* Cluster accessories together with a differing range of heights (pepper mills,storage jars, chopping boards)

* Style your kitchen with greenery bu Introduce fresh herbs or faux plants.

* Make a feature of cookery books on a shelf or worktop.

* Introduce fresh or faux greenary

* Hide any 'ugly' appliances

* Make sure anything on your worktops is either beautiful or practical.

* Use beautiful accessories as storage containers, think jugs for utensils, glass colour jars arrange on a shelf for pasta and rice.

So this will do until I can justify spending more on a kitchen that's still in great nic!

I would love to know if you have 'Shopped your home' before or if not which room would be on your hitlist. Throw your ideas at me below and tag me in your pics on my social media channels

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Thanks for reading

Helen xx

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