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Style it new - Ensuite styling ideas - The shop your home blog series.

For this month's style it new blog edition, I am focussing on my ensuite. I wanted to update this room with an interior style I am absolutely loving at the moment - boho/scandi. So read on for some simple ensuite styling ideas, and hopefully you can grab some inspo on how you can 'shop your home' to give a room in your home a new look and feel without spending any money.

Before After

I had bought the textured bath mat from Lidl a few weeks before for the bargain price of £7 and this became the starting point for the redesign of the room.

In order to get more of a boho vibe in here I knew I needed to create more texture, add dark touches to the accessories and introduce plants, plenty of plants!! With little or no budget I needed to get creative!

I am now a veteran at this 'style it new with no money' malarkey and have devised a simple procedure that I follow when begining a new project. In no particular order it goes.....

What can I rearrange?

What can I paint?

What can I create?

What can I steal? (from other rooms not actually steal ;))

What can I rearrange?

Tip - Remove or try furniture in different positions within the room, and/or use them in different ways.

In this case I moved the ladder shelf next to the toilet and removed the white slim cabinet to create more of a rustic look.

I decided to use my wooden hooks in a different way to hang my towels from instead of the glass jars, which I never got round to filling with flowers.

What can I paint?

Tip - instead of buying new accessories stop and think, can I use this in a different way or can I paint it?

To create darker accesories I decided to paint the large white mirror black. I also painted the lids of my storage canisters black and the picture frames. It's simple, cheap way to make an instant impact.

What can I create?

I really wanted some new art work in the ensuite and thought a couple of simple fern prints would really add to the boho/scandi feel. With no budget I thought I'd have a go at creating my own.

I already had the watercolour paper and pencils, but if you wanted to try it yourself you could simply sketch them and use shading to create a lovely effect. You can see a time lapse of how I created these in my Instagram highlights.

What can I steal?

When I say steal what I really mean is, look around your home for items that you can use to style your room. Perhaps there is a frame you have stashed away, or a vase in a kitchen cupbard that will suit the space? You will be surprised at what you can find that's already in your home, always do this before buying new and you can save space as well as money.

Tip - don't forget you can always paint items or alter them to make them suit the room as well.

I pinched the ladder shelf from the lounge, where it really wasn't needed and the trailing plant from the hallway as well as the tripod plant pot from the lounge.

So there you have it, another room 'styled new' I hope it gave you some ensuite inspo and inspired you to have a go at shopping your home before buying new.

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Thanks for reading

I would love to hear what you think of the newly styled ensuite, feel free to comment below.

Helen xx

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